Friday, 3 December 2010

Skiing gear and Fimo

As I am sure you are all aware the UK is snowed under, and it is bloody cold around here. Cannot believe I am going to work still - then again, some of my colleagues cannot get here at all!

Was knitting happily a headband for the coming skiing season but it looks like I will be using it before. It was a very easy knit, based on the fact that I could knit a few rows in the morning before catching my train (and we are rushed in the morning usually). And you know what, I am using it now! My ears would be suffering otherwise.

I used the Blue Leaf headband pattern available on ravelry for free, my beloved mirasol sulka yarn ( I nearly have none left, argghhh) and 5mm needles.

As you can see, our current house is very tidy (or not) and we are clearly very minimalist...

Whilst in France, I came across a really good book about FIMO paste. I always looked at it, but just did not know what to do with it... But the book came up with a brilliant idea, to make your own buttons with FIMO. You can choose your colour, form and print on the buttons.

I tried different forms. the biggest one has been made with a stamp, then a square (gone round) and then the round button I used for the headband. This is really quick, 5 mns to do it (should have spent a bit more time to be fair), half an hour in the oven, wait for it to cool down and varnish. I am really impressed with the result, and will definitely used it again. I may need a bit of practice before doing all the fancy thing you can see on youtube, but it is really worth a try.


  1. I love your headband!! looks so cozy and soft.

  2. This headband looks lovely! I love the contrast with the black buttons, and I'm dying to have a go at making some!

    Can you believe that we haven't had snow since Friday in South Wales? There much be some sort of micro-climate there.

  3. I love the headband! It even snowed this morning in Nashville, so I might have to look into something similar.


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