Monday, 6 December 2010

Knitting on the move - Paris

The Hemlock is on the move... I am in Paris for a couple of nights staying at les Jardins de la villa which is really nice.

The Hemlock is quite impressive. I have now passed the 400 stitches. Yes, 400 in the round, me who tends to do two needles, quick projects... To be honest I am hoping to finish it off soon. Ahahah the famous last words! Anyway check out the bed, the flowers are cut out of leather. I like the combination leather and wool...


  1. wow, looks like you have a beautiful room! And it's nice that your Hemlock is getting to travel, it'll mean so much more to you when you're finished, since it'll remind you a bit of Paris.

  2. Well traveled knits are always fun; good luck with all those stitches. Also, that bed is awesome.


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