Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Hemlock was finished on time...

Happy New Year everyone! Hope the start of this week has not been too hard on everyone.
I have been pretty bad with posting my projects in December. This year will be better...
I did finish the hemlock, and it is now sitting on my parents' sofa.

I used the biggest format of the pattern, and I swapped the suggested ending for a picot edging - I felt it made it a bit more modern. It sits really well on the leather sofa. My parents are really happy with it, so all great!

I also finished my bella mittens and a cowl - but have not taken pictures yet... More pictures to come!


  1. Happy New Year!! This looks so impressive, I love the contrast between the dark sofa and the white hemlock- gorgeous!!!!

  2. Happy new year!

    I love that picot edging, it's a great touch. You did a very, very good job!

  3. Your parents are genius. i follow your posting.
    Berkline furniture

  4. gorgeous! it turned out so lovely -- and looks perfect in white.


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