Thursday, 27 January 2011

Home Inspiration 17

Well, less for the home, more for me! And hopefully for all of you reading this post. I suppose this before/after post will also come handy when I will be reviewing my wardrobe (which is apparently going to shrink whilst moving to a bigger house - all for the sake of beds to accomodate my 6'2 husband).

Keira of a pretty penny blog {Real Style Life on a Real Life project} made a superb necklace out of a T-shirt... I know sounds crazy, but look at it, isn't it beautiful?

She was inspired by this video and added her own modifications to the lengths of each newly created tubes. There are a few T-shirt that M could easily do without (if my wardrobe is shrinking so will his!) and I may have some time tomorrow.. Hope to be able to show you something then. If you are inspired, and decided to change one of your t-shirts please let me know!


  1. Oooooh that sounds great, looking forward to seeing your creation!!

  2. That is very funky ... in a good way. Can't wait to see!


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