Friday, 28 January 2011

Emergency necklace

Took no time at all, I only had time to take pictures of the T-shirt and the finished product... I followed the pretty penny blog tutorial I talked about yesterday, and within an hour I had a brand new necklace. Result - and one less T-Shirt!

To be honest I was not sure I would like it. It looks nice when others do it, but when it is you suddenly it is not the same - or maybe it is just me! But this time it is as easy as it sounded on the tutorial and it looks good - as in I will wear it, even to work. The T-shirt is a bit browner than what the pictures suggest.

I am really impressed with the result. This is definitely a project I will do again and again!


  1. Looks great- expect a lot of "where did you get it from?" at work!!

  2. Love it!! Looks really great. I made one as well last spring, but found that mine 'shed' a bit at the beginning. They are so wearable!

  3. That turned out really cute!

  4. looks very cute! i like.

  5. Cute! Definitely worth the t-shirt sacrifice.

  6. cool! the necklace looks pretty awesome!
    thanks for your comment on my blog (couldn't directly reply to you because you're noreply).
    cheers, julia


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