Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Latest on the ceramics front

It is really sad, my ceramics teacher has decided to stop doing ceramics full-time, and therefore stop teaching. However she kindly sent me the last objects I did with her. And they are fabulous!

May I present you my cheese platter

The cracks were not supposed to be there but it is an interesting addition.

I have also received two bowls I made for knitting. It is not easy to explain what they are talking about so here they are..

I love them. Will be really useful (well I am hoping).


  1. I love your knitting bowls! What a shame about your ceramics teacher, though!

  2. I really like the idea of knitting bowls- they are probably great at stopping the yarn getting tangled. They look like cute little turtles!! And the crack on the cheese plater makes it look more interesting

    Isn't it annoying when one of your hobbies suddenly stops?

  3. Lovely! And they do look like little turtles or hedgehogs.


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