Thursday, 20 January 2011

Home Inspiration 16

You would not believe how many interior design magazines I am reading on a monthly basis - some for the kitchens, others for bathrooms, then there are the ones that are good for colour schemes, or furniture... And obviously there are a lot of blogs out there about design.

Sometimes I find great ideas... And one of those ideas came from Swiss born artist Thomas Boog.

Based in Paris, France, he has made his name in the art and design world through his innovative use of the traditional shell art coquillage.

Thomas Boog utilises the complexity of the coquillage technique, while reinvigorating the tradition with his fresh design aesthetic. His clients include Alberto Pinto, Calvin Tsao, Hermés (Paris and Tokyo), François Pinault and Baron Benjamin de Rothschild.

One of my favourite pieces is this meuble d'appui (Cabinet?)- not sure what the translation is. It has the look of beaten metal work... Brilliant!

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  1. Oooh, I like the shells. I didn't think I would, but this is pretty stuff.


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