Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Signing up

I have finally done it. I signed up for a quilt-along. Cherry House Quilts is organising a short and easy (will see about that) one in February. You have a choice of different colours, and the shopping list has already been published on her blog! It starts February 2, so there is still time for you to sign up to it. Let me know if you do!!

M has pushed me to get into making more for the new house when we realised that despite our best efforts to soundproof the house we could still hear our neighbour going to the toilet (special!). So it is all about heavy fabrics, a fake brick wall, and a good sound system :)

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  1. That sounds fun! I never had a go at quilting but this might just be the occasion to try...

    Ah, hearing everything the neighbours say or do!!! We can hear every night the theme tune of Coronation Street played from the flat below. We would hear them in the toilet too if it wasn't for the massive WW2 ventilation we have! The brick wall shoudl sort you out though :-)

    Hope everything goes well in your new home!



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