Thursday, 30 September 2010

Home Inspiration 6

Instead of this post there should be pictures of my finished quilt, but I have had no time to take pictures - lame excuse but a real one... I should be able to take some over the weekend.
Anyway, I am also very excited about this new post, because not only I am in love with the shelves I am about to show you, but it is also waiting to be assembled in my house.

Let me introduce the Ellips shelves. They come from Germany (you need to get in touch with them if you are not based in Germany) and they are awesome. As far as I am concerned, shelving units are the basic necessities of any home, in my case because of the sheer volume of books I own. While you have a hundred varieties of shelving unit in the market, most of them are designed on the same boring straight line concept.But here is the Big Jim shelf...

What do you think? Amazing... no?

These shelves are assembled from specially cut pieces of wood to play tricks on the eye, adding extra fluidity to a room that could not be achieved by the usual, bulky, rectangular shelving unit.

We own a very long sofa, and we (OK, I) bought the Jive Horizontal, which should make the room longer. That's the theory, the practice should be revealed in a couple of months..Cannot wait! I leave you with the picture of my future shelf...


  1. I live in a shoe box so this sort of idea is always welcome. Really like the look of them! xx

  2. Hi how is this assembled? ist joined with hardware or just interlocking pieces?


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