Friday, 27 August 2010

Home Inspiration 3

I have been follwoing this printmaker for a while (signing up to her newsletter, going to her exhibition in London etc). I really like her work, it is a blend of retro chic natural elements. her colours are also stunning.

On her website Angie Lewin says that she is inspired by both the clifftops and saltmarshes of the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands. She depicts these contrasting environments and their native flora in wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and collage. These landscapes are often glimpsed through intricately detailed plantforms -as you can see below.

I have been asking for a print for a while... Maybe a new house, a new kitchen will prompt M to finally give in and buy me one for Christmas.

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  1. Oh my gosh, gorgeous! I really hope someone takes the hint and you find one under the tree this year!


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