Thursday, 19 August 2010

When ceramics meet crochet

I am so proud of myself! This turned out so nicely... I go to a ceramics class, not as often as I would like, but I try to go every other week . Katie, my teacher, was happy to go along with my vision of combining crochet with ceramics. I only have pictures of the salad bowl I made, but there are also two bowls and two coasters with the same sort of theme. And yesterday, we did a knitting device... More on this to come soon.

Anyway I am rambling a bit, so let me show you how it all turned out.

On the right is the inside of the bol. I must confess that I did not use a doily I made, but one that Mum gave me ages ago (at the time I was going to make lavender pouches).

Here it is in full!

I cannot stop looking at, feeling this inside of the bowl. I just LOVE it!


  1. Wow, that is amazing. So beautiful. Okay so you do ceramics with me, and I do dressmaking with you, deal?

  2. WOW!! that is so, so gorgeous. I would totally buy something like that, it's amazing!! You did an incredible job.

  3. Double take! What an awesome idea. It's beeeautiful!!!! Yep, you could definitely sell those.

  4. That is so beautiful! And I prefer it to the knitted ceramics that I've seen around.


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