Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Project on a smaller scale

Here in England, it was a long weekend and which meant having time for soft furnishing projects around the house, and trying new patterns. I have already talked about my crochet blanket. It is going to turn out great, but many hours will have gone into it.

I also need to change the cushion covers of our sofa. They are dark grey at the moment. The new colour scheme is going to be similar to that of the blanket. I think I found the pattern for the covers. It is called cathedral window and I stumbled across it on the A la Mode blog. How could I not fall in love with it? I did a little bit more research and the other bloggers who used the pattern really inspired me.

Heather from A la Mode tells you she has an 'easy peasy' tutorial.. I needed to check that for myself before choosing the fabric and making a serious commitment. I had some fabric left after my needle case, and decided to make a pin cushion.

Turned out well, didn't it? I love the diamond shape in the middle. I had more of the patterned fabric, but I may have worked better with the pattern in the diamond and the solid as background. Then again I do not like that yellow fabric really, it is a bit old-fashioned, but totally useful for these little projects. Not sure I would do such a big pin cushion in the end, or even for one of the diamond on my cushion cover.

M agreed as well, this is going to be the pattern for the covers, only need to find some nice fabric for it now.

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