Monday, 8 November 2010

Autumn projects

I do like Autumn usually, but today it is really cold, rainy and .. miserable. And I am not sure whether I really like it.

I bought some handspun, hand-dye yarn on Folksy (the UK equivalent of Etsy) a month or so ago. I have trying to find the right project and decided to finally get on with the Swallowtail and join the other 7778 knitters out there. I am currently struggling a bit with the nupps, and my progess has slowed down a bit. This is a Xmas present for my grandma, so plenty of time still... It is a great pattern though, very interesting, and quite rewarding (all that lace pattern forming under your fingers). Here is a (really poor quality - must stop taking picture with my blackberry) picture of the pattern and yarn.

You will see on the picture my best homemade soup (as in the only one I did this year).. pumkin soup. It is really tasty, and very very easy to do (again apologies for bad picture).

The recipe is from the BBC Food website (it is one of the few pumkin soup recipes without curry powder). I used organic vegetable stock cube and it is all worth it, as a lot of the flavour comes from the stock. It is really filling. I added the coutrons the first time, but honestly it was too much (even for M, and we are talking about my 6'2 husband who is constantly hungry!). Do try it!


  1. I do love pumpkin soup so will have a go! I really like the colour of your yarn- so Autumn-y! xx

  2. That yarn looks absolutely yummy, weren't you tempted to dip it in your soup and eat it? ;-)

  3. ooh,that yarn looks so deliciously soft!! and the soup looks perfect for this chilly time of year.

  4. yummy pumpkin soup. and good luck with the knitting - i made one of those a while ago and it was so satisfy to see that actually i was not a completely knitting klutz and it turned out perfect!! I love the yarn you are using, so cosy.


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