Friday, 26 November 2010

Home Inspiration 13

A Friday post rather than Thursday. Was sent to Paris for work Wednesday and Thursday(someone has to do it!)

And here it was, what i knew was true for a long time, all over the magazines - wool (that is knitted wool) is totally in!

I am feeling really trendy right now! All these hours of knitting are clearly well worth it (should remind M of this tonight - he has a very trendy wife!). Very exciting stuff.

Anyway, back to home inspiration... I found those little gems from Korea (made by KamKam). The 'dressed-up furniture' is, literally, furniture dressed with felt that is decorated with clothing elements such as belts and buttons that are used to close the cabinet doors. the series consists of four items: a dressed up stool, cham cabinet, cham bench and belt felt.

The grey cabinet can be closed by fastening felt belts. an inner magnet fixes the door shut,that can also be rolled if one wants to leave it open. Because it is 'dressed' with felt, the shape of the furniture has a soft appearance.

the upholstered 'dressed-up stool' has a storage that can be closed with three buttons - much like closing a shirt or jacket. the door can also be fixed by rolling it up using a magnet that is built within.

I love the grey cabinet, it would really soften the atmosphere of a room, those colours would also brighten any room - just very clever designs.


  1. You're right, those are very clever! Never seen anything like that before. And glad to see the magazines have finally picked up on what we've all known anyway!

  2. Nothing beats wool, especially now that it's sooo cold!! xx

  3. I love it when I end up being stylish! Like you said, so glad all that knitting has paid off. Also, that furniture is awesome. And I know my cat would love it, too.


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