Monday, 22 November 2010

New starts...

Today is a very important day. It could be because in a month's time it will be my birthday.. Good reason, but no that's not it. Or because I have fed my addiction to Harry Potter and feel satisfied that I have seen the Deathly Hollows Part I film the best one so far, but no... It may be because my Christmas present number 2 is well on its way (it is much more advanced than the picture suggests).

No, no, no... Today is the day when the builder start ripping out our new house. Gone will be the hot air heating system, gone will be the 70s kitchen and gone will be the walls downstairs (and the bathroom, and the purple/lime green colour scheme, and the artex ceiling).
Gone will be the corridor (behind the right-hand side wall is the kitchen that will be no more)..

And we are hoping that light will come into the living room.. M is looking particularly tall, it is clearly a bad picture, he can fit no problem in the house...

This is really exciting today, but not sure how long I will last... I hope I will be able to post progress soon...


  1. I LOVED HP7! Cannot wait for part 2! Happy early birthday and good luck on the rennovating!

  2. I totally need to catch up on my HP viewing, I've not seen any of the films except the first one! Maybe I'll just wait until they're all out and I can watch them back to back...
    I love the colour of the yarn you are using.


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