Monday, 14 February 2011


Yesterday, it came to me, I thought that we (I - M already bought me flowers that made three different bouquets!) should really try to make an effort, after all it is our first Valentine's Day since the we got married.
It is really not a lot, so nothing to get too excited about - but I can see great things coming out of this little project (think Christmas)! (plus it is making great pictures). I will use it on the table for decoration.

So it is pretty easy. First, you cut out circles of different sizes, or same sizes, different colours (or not). I am sure there are things out there that make proper disks of the same size, I don't have any of that - so that was the most boring bit.

Then sew two circles of the same size together and keep sewing in-between baubles. I actually really like sewing through the paper (I am clearly publicly weird now).
Et voila!! An hour, and Bob is your uncle (why on earth Bob would be my uncle, I don't know, but it is a funny say).


  1. Nice touch! I can see this being made for different occasions. I think Fiskars do some sort of round rotary cutters especially for circles, I saw them once and thought that would be good when I need to cut lots of circles the same size.

    Enjoy your Valentine's evening- it's very low key here as my other half came down with a nasty stomach bug, so the chocolate cake I was planning on making will have to wait.


  2. Your very first Valentine's Day properly together? Aaaaaah! I hope you had a really fantastic evening together....with your gorgeous decorations!


  3. Hey...
    Too awesome looking very nice and cool...
    thanks a lot of sharing with us... keep it up.. keep sharing..

  4. These are right concept of creativity and I like all these concept of the decoration, really awesome.


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