Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New house update - the kitchen

Well, we are nearly there.. No, it doesn't matter that the builders have left the job unfinished (and I have not slept for days), or that the frige/freezer (and the sink tap and the door handles - what are there for, anyway) have not been delivered with the rest of the kitchen... I can see the end - I need to do, I have to hand back the keys of my current home in 2 weeks and a half.

And I can report a lot of progress... Just a reminder we started with these two rooms (I know it does not look that bad - but the hot air heating system took a lot of space and vents were everywhere. Btw kitchen is not wonky only the person taking the pictures, ie moi) :

We went through this (and this is the point when I really questionned my judgement, what was I thinking??):

To, as of today (well Sunday - but because of builders' sudden disappearance, it has not changed since), this:

The kitchen is NOT blue - this is the protective film that 'protects' my lovely oyster units. I did check, you can take it off, all fine, pheww.

The UFO hanging from the ceiling is our extractor purchased at a bargain price (you got it, no one wanted it and nor did I for a while). It is in fact stainless steel - not white (protective films again).

The white balance on my camera has been set wrong, and my kitchen is not orange... I promise it is the camera and taking pictures at night.

The 'runway lights' are due to M getting annoyed at low ceilings (apparently new houses are not meant for tall people - never had that problem, I am 5'2 so do not know what he is on about). we have different settings so it will not always be that bright.

You will notice the missing tiles (white metro tiles) and the absence of two units (fridge and freezer). My builders assure me that it is only bits and pieces left to do (really, doesn't look like it from where I am standing... ).

So what do you think guys? I know it is not finished, but we are getting there...


  1. Definitely getting there! I love it! It looks fantastic. I really like the runway lights. It looks very promising.

    These times are soooo stressful but it's all worth it :-)

  2. it looks great! can't wait to see the finished product.


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