Monday, 21 February 2011

It's Monday

So let's see, I am on the BBC webiste, and what is the weather forecast for this week -

Today: Light Rain,

Tuesday: Drizzle Rain,

Wednesday: Heavy Rain,

Thursday (in Frankfurt for work): Heavy snow (WHAT????),

Friday (STILL in Frankfurt for work): Drizzle...

Weekend: My parents arrive to see progress on the house... Hmmmm, should not have put all of my pictures on facebook and could have pretended there was LOADS of progress.

So there is only ONE thing to do. I am changing my background picture to the picture we (I - M keeps thinking it is a joint effort, yeah right, talking doesn't help taking pictures) took in September in le Touquet when we went away as a family for a spa weekend (yes we all went, the three generations; grandparents, parents, husband and brother) ...

This is the view from our room... I can just see be there again, with a book and tea, and some knitting (well crochet if I remember well)..

Happy Monday guys!

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  1. Hmmm....well, Monday's weather pretty much went according to the forecast. Heavy snow? Really? I'll have to check too.

    I did some crocheting just oday. I used to do quite a lot but have got a bit rusty. It's a lovely way to while away some time, isn't it?



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