Monday, 14 February 2011

Something for Valentine's Day

I have already talked about one of the presents I was preparing for M. There is another one on the way - but it is really recycling something we have and that I don't like as it is - so I am not sure it qualifies as 'his' Valentine's Day present.

The playlist for L'Esprit des Voisins is now finalised and in fact burnt onto the CD, with the cover and about to be used - as we are about to move in in the new house (yes you read well, I still cannot believe it will happen but our current house has now been rented out as from beginning of March, so I suppose that is it).

It is not exactly a Valentine's Day playlist (Dry your eyes by the Streets is not exactly lovey-dovey) - it is meant to be background music. Some titles had to go (Adele - Rolling in the deep, broke my heart to leave out, especially when M decided to tell that he LOVED it yesterday, arghhhhh!!).


1. Josephine - A freak A
2. The Streets – Dry your eyes
3. Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan
4. Snow Patrol – Run
5. Rumer – Slow
6. The Beautiful South – Song for Whoever
7. Matt Cardle – When we Collide
8. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
9. Hurts – Wonderful Life
10. Iron & Wine – Jezebel
11. Voxtrot – the Start of Something
12. Calexico – Two Silver Trees
13. Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone
14. Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane over the Sea
15. Weezer – Island in the Sun
16. The Xx – Islands
17. Belle and Sebastian – Like Dylan in the Movies
18. Jeremy Larson – Self-esteem
19. Iain Archer – Everything I’ve Got
20. Noah and the Whale – 5 years time

I love the idea that I chose all the titles of my CD, so much so that I am preparing another one with more rock/indie titles (yes, Adele will be featuring on it, and also the Artic Monkeys and the Pigeon Detectives...) .. and I may have to indulge in a bit of pop music.

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  1. There are moments in life where pop music is definitely the way to go.

    Have a happy Valentine's!


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