Friday, 11 February 2011

It's Friday!!!

It has been a very long week - full of meetings and late night at work, and more trips to DIY stores (the only type of shopping I get to do these days) and then I ended it up on this video - and I really want to be on that island in the sun! Still a bit surprised by the monkey throwing..

Next week is going to be better, and I am hoping to be able to show you a couple of things I am working on (at the slowest snail pace ever..). Hope you all had a good week, and look forward to the weekend!


  1. At least today is a bit sunny where I am, compared to the miserable weather we had all week! I'm looking forward to the week-end, I'm keeping my fingers crossed as something really important might happen in the next few days...

    Have a great, restful week-end!


  2. Yup, count me in for your video remake!! I'll be there.

    What a fab blog you have. I'm following along.

    I LOVE your polarisation post below. So cool....and really well explained.


  3. Here's to a great weekend and a better week!


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