Thursday, 17 February 2011

Home inspiration 19

You know it, as you have seen in the previous post (sorry for the rant about builders, I just had enough of it) we are (nearly) at the decoration stage of the house. And the dilemma is here: painting or wallpaper? Argghhh... I can paint (well, my first experience was not really conclusive but it was not too bad) but putting up some wallpaper - well that is just scary.

And then I found THIS wallpaper:

Knitted room by Surface view

Well that is serious inspiration for next knitting projects (I am still knitting, I am really). It looks like the D&G winter collection on the wall for you to see everyday! The different designs are created by Chae Young Kim, A Korean-born, London-based artist. Check out the homepage of her website, it is very inspiring.

So of course this is right up my street, but M... well he is 1) a man, 2) a man, and 3) well a man. He only agreed to add some colours to the walls. Let's say - as far as the wallpaper is concerned - it will take some convincing. But I may get away with it in the 'hobby'/office room (aka the box room).


  1. LOVE the wallpaper! It would take some convincing for my husband though!

  2. Wouldn't this be such an amazing feature!! I love your 1,2,3...he is a man!! So true!!


  3. oh my god, that's the coolest wallpaper ever!!! I love it. Man, that would be awesome.

  4. Wow, that wallpaper is wild! Whatever you decided to put up, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous :D


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