Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Handmade {Gift for a special occasion}

Hiya, I hope everyone is having a good day. It feels like summer in London, finally! Whoohoo! And I am going to see Bridemaids tonight - so I am super excited!

Well I finally managed to meet my friend and give her her 'something blue' for her wedding on Saturday - I am SO excited for her! I LOVE weddings, which is good as we are going to 5 this year!

So it was presented to her like this,

because it fitted so well in it,

And this is what she will be wearing!

Materials: Anchor Artiste BABY SOFT Crochet Cotton BEIGE 926 at PurpleLinda, Navy Blue Ribbon bought at John Lewis on Oxfrod Street

I just left her, and she loves it, we both nearly cried - it is all very emotional!

PS: Next Post is my 100th post! OOOoohhhh, need to think about what to do!

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  1. 100 posts!! Yay!! Quite a milestone!! Well done, you!!

    I want to go and see Bridesmaids. I've heard it's really good!! It sounds like you had a great night out!!



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