Thursday, 21 July 2011

Noas' Libellule {Pinterest inspired}

Hello hello! So how are you getting on with your IKAT project? Are you loving the pompom fork technique? You should try it, honestly it is all very easy.

You will remember a couple of weeks ago I made a post with my latest pinterest obsession: pouches with lace. It is all coming along nicely, more to come next week - in time for the next wedding I am attending (yes, another one!).

Well, thanks to Pinterest I am seriously obsessed with braided necklaces - I have in fact a board dedicated to braided object - and there are a couple in particular I am hoping to get, one way (shopping) or another (making it).

From, except that it is not available anymore... Fear not, I am working on a DIY project.

From Bebe, love the sparkle and untidy aspect of it.

So what do you reckon, worth being obsessed about? What are your current obsessions?


  1. Wow lovely braided necklaces! It's funny, when I had my hair long I never really used to go for statement necklaces as my hair would most of the time cover them. Since I swapped my long hair for my bob, I have rediscovered the pleasure of wearing bold necklaces, brooches and ornaments.

    I would love to see your pouch with lace!!!

  2. Great blog!!!! nice to find the pompom too!!!!!

  3. Loving these big chunky necklaces this season! Great selections!


  4. I LOVE that first necklace with the gradient colouring in the beads. Must pin now!


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