Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Noas' Libellule How-to {The IKAT scarf}

Hiya guys! How is everyone doing? As promised yesterday, here is a quick tutorial for the IKAT scarf I showed you yesterday - in 4 steps.

1. Choosing the fabric and sewing your scarf. I decided to have a double-sided scarf, the measurements were roughly based on apashmina I have. I like my scarfs quite big. So you basically saw together two rectangular pieces of fabric. Easy, peasy.

2. Comes the trickiest part, but I think that is more to do with the fabric rather than a need for super-dooper skills. You go girl! has THE tutorial that you need to check out to make a firm foundation for your crochet edge. She tells you where to mark where to sew (I was half an inch from the border) and uses he blanket stitch. I used some pink Rowan cotton yarn I had. Originally the edge was supposed to be all pink... I did not keep the edge pink but kept the blanket stitching which makes it a bit more interesting.

3. The Crochet edge. I made it up, although I am sure it does exist out there: 1sc, 2dc, trc, ch5, slst in first stitch at the bottom of your chain (picot), 2dc, 1sc. I want a sort of triangular effect with a little loop so that I could easily add the pompoms. It is easy, but it does get your wrist, so beware. The green 'spruce' yarn is from babylonglegs which I bought a little while ago.

4. My favourite part - making pompoms with a fork. It is, I think, fairly obvious how I did it from the images below (do not hesitate to contact me if it is not obvious).. This is super easy - I did it in the car on our way to last weekend's wedding! I did 15 rounds around the fork. Make sure that all the ends are secure though...

So here we are 4 steps to a brand new scarf! Let me know if you get inspired and do one for yourself! I am sure you have some stash somewhere that you could use!


  1. It's really easy!!! I really like the crochet pompoms made with a fork. I would have never thought of doing this, but it's a great idea!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I really like this ideas. Ikat fabrics are very versatile thing which looks good with every thing.
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