Thursday, 28 July 2011

Noas' Libellule How-to {The Lace Pouch}

Hello guys! How are you all doing? Happy Thursday! I had a lot of comments on my {Buy it or Make it} post about pouches and clutches. Thanks for dropping by guys!

Do you remember by pinterest inspiration in
this post a couple of weeks ago.

I finished my own pouch version and here it is... Neat, non?

I made the doily and the pouch. However, if you cannot crochet or if you do not have the patience to spend weeks making a doily, there are plenty of doilies for sale in charity shops...

What you are going to need....

1. Linen Anchor Cotton @
Purplelinda Crafts

2. Fabric for outside of your pouch - I used some light jean fabric (well I had made a skirt out of it)

3. Some lining fabric for your pouch, mine is from @Stefaniexu

4. Crochet hook 2mm

5. Metallic Anchor Cotton @Purplelinda Crafts

6. A zipper which is the width of your pouch (if you have a bigger one, just reduce it)

7. Some thread.

The Doily...

I must admit I challenged my crochet skills a bit here. I tried to make a doily before - but never finished it. So I decided that it would be a great idea to go for something much more complicated this time. Obviously!

The pattern is from Ravelry (available for free). I was attracted by the fact that it had been crocheted in black which made it instantly more modern. You will have noticed that I changed yarn at the end. I just ran out of yarn (- it has happened before, and will happen again). But I actually really like the linen yarn and what it adds. I cannot imagine the doily without it now (more information on my ravelry page).

The making of the doily was the most time-consuming part of this project. I nearly gave up on it a few times, but the doily looks really good. I am really happy to have finished it. HOWEVER the doily is too big for the pouch which was a bit annoying when it came to fix it on the pouch (I had to cut it). So just beware of sizes...

Making the pouch...

The measurements of the pouch were based on that of the carry-all American Apparel pouch - in my buy it section. To make the pouch I used this tutorial which was really easy to follow. Just don't forget to open the zipper for when you sew together the pouch to close it.

Pouch and Doily... Together... Forever...

You can position the doily as you wish. I decided to go for off-centre. I just stitched my hand the outside of the doily onto the pouch - just a simple stitch, tried to avoid stitching through the lining. Quite an exciting part really. Et voila!

What do you think guys? You like it? I am hoping to take it for an outing this weekend at another wedding I am going to .. Hopefully you will see it on Monday as part of my outfit.

PS: If you do the Lace Pouch let me know, it would be great to see your version. Also I think this would look great on a cushion if you are not into pouches.

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  1. This is so beautiful!! You can crochet?. Oh that is so awesome!!


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