Monday, 9 January 2012

12 mm

I came back on Friday night from work, and after dinner, I started knitting Winnowing (the first of 3 attempts) and M told me that I should stop knitting squares for the house... Aouch! Since when did he care? OK our bedroom is full of square patterns (more to come on Friday) - but still ... And NO it did not matter I had been thinking the same thing for a week or so, and been looking at patterns using triangles. I took my 12mm needles, and showed him I could also knit triangles - in the round.

OK so I had the idea of making a snood for a while now. I saw this one from
Plumo and was inspired. I wanted to finally knit that Terria yarn (from Katia) I bought 2 years ago in France, and the pumkin chunky yarn from Whaferdale Woolworks. All I needed was a pattern - and apparently one featuring triangles.

Snood from Plumo

Whilst perusing Ravelry on Friday, I came accross the Modern Pillow from Veronik Avery - and loved the effect. All I needed was to be able to reproduce a similar pattern on a snood.

I cast on 60 stitches (which represents 5 repeats of the triangle pattern). I wanted to achieve that 'oversize' effect of the Plumo snood. I was however a bit restricted as I only had 3 balls of the Katia yarn . I knitted 2 rows in garter stitch and then started the pattern (2 and a half repeat in the end). I finished with a couple of garter stitch rows. Easy-peasy. Except that it is not THAT easy to actually knit with 12mm needles in the round. My fingertips are still suffering. But it is a super quick knit, and well worth the effort!

I am very pleased with the result. The Katia yarn is OK, it is felted chunky yarn that is a bit stiff to wear - but hopefully this will get better overtime. I would have loved to have a grey yarn similar to the pumpkin one. But I needed to destash, and the colour work effect is really nice.

And it was an opportunity to show you my new jeans shirt (from New Look), and I recommed putting some super red Bourgeois nail polish (it is dry fast one).

The new Sherlock serie was on TV... As M was taking the pictures I had to keep an eye on the developments of the story line...


  1. It's gorgeous! I love it & would totally wear/knit it.

  2. Wow what a fantastic snood! The colour combination is great. I really like your pics as well.

    (Very belated Happy Birthday by the way- I was already off by then and couldn't get near a computer. Hope you had a great time during your Christmas break- and Happy New Year as well!)


  3. Holy triangles!! That's gorgeous. I love the colours together and how clever is that?! Snoods are great :)
    May I also say you are incredibly beautiful, especially in your nice new shirt and with your fancy nails! :)

  4. What a gorgeous design and great colours, it looks brilliant.

  5. Wow, it is really nice! I love the colours together and that is a great triangle pattern! I have trouble with large needles and chunky yarn too. My fingers try to go at the same speed as when they knit a fine gauge, only to remember later that really aches!

  6. Your snood looks so warm and cozy! And I simply loved the pictures because when you wear your creations, they look even better! PS: The Bourgeois nail polish is called 'super red'? Thanks in advance!

  7. Can I just say that the word snood is a new one for me, but I like it!!! As I do the pattern and again, the color combo, you seem to have a great eye for that!!!


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