Friday, 6 January 2012

Coup de Coeur

If you follow me on twitter (@NoasLibellule) you will know that I fell in love this week with Winnowing. So beautiful. Even M loved it when he saw it. I bought in within 10 minutes of seeing it - I am an emotional buyer.

Except that Winnowing is not to be bought done, Winnowing is to be knitted - see guys what you are missing out by not knitting! Winnowing is part of the Wool People 2 published by Brooklyn Tweed which is in itself a beautiful book (you can peruse it on-line, Jared is a very talented photographer).

I do love the 34th & 8th blue mittens pattern as well - and I love the model relaxed casual style.

And finally a jumper pattern that may reconcile me with knitting jumpers. It was SO hard to find a jumper for M this Christmas (that he may like, otherwise would have been fine) that I think I should just get on with knitting him one. Although if someone does knit a woman version of Guston, please let me know..


  1. I do like that man's jumper. I have promised to knit a jumper for my husband so have been on the look out for patterns for some time.

  2. I love winnowing too. In fact I just remembered that I've been invited to a wedding in March - maybe I could use that as an excuse to knit one :)

  3. This is so gorgeous! Ok, so I'm now adding knitting to my list of things I want to be able to do!

    Emma xx

  4. Happy New Year! I see that you started 2012 with very good resolutions: from organising jewelry to knitting another beautiful piece...Let us know how you proceed with this one and look forward to another year of your posts!

  5. I am right there with you! I love Mr.Flood!

  6. I am going through a Jared Flood phase myself...I love Winnowing, and also Fuse...and I was also very happy to see a man's sweater, I am toying with the idea of making one for my own husband..


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