Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pay and Display - Earrings

2012 is the year I will be totally organised. I am serious, I cannot go on like this anymore. I went through my numerous jewellery boxes (there was no need to have that many) and realised that I usually keep wearing the same earrings or pendants because I 'forgot' I had all the others. It is time to display all my earrings. But how? Some pinterest-ing and googl-ing later here are some ideas I quite like.

The lamp version - clearly it is a win-win: a lamp AND a storage solution, probably quite easy to do as well with a lamp from IKEA. Interesting, but probably not for me - and worried that the earrings will be super hot..

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The Needle case idea - would be great for studs. This is not necessarily my choice of colours guys, but a grey/neutral version of this could work. Slightly worried I may forgot where I stored it though... or worse take the earrings case rather than my needle case or vice-versa.

via pinterest

The frame and fabric solution - chic and easy. The frame featured is WAY too small for the number of earrings I have, but seriously how long would it take to make - half an hour tops (without painting the frame). A definite contender..

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The Metallic version. I love this project, well I love the pattern of the pattern of the metallic sheet - so Morrocan. The only thing is that now I really want that pattern, and no other - and how likely is this???

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Well we know now what M will be doing this weekend (bless him)! Just need to convince him he really wants to come frame shopping again with me!


  1. ooohhhh I love that metallic version - find it, find it!! ;)

  2. Oh, wow, I love the magnet idea! Ok, so my cats would knock them all down, but it's so pretty.


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