Monday, 16 January 2012

New toy

There was a plan, a very good plan. Yesterday I finished the sleeve for my new toy and I was going to post about it today - sorted. It meant that I was going to show you some patchwork and not some knitting - to break a bit the routine. It was a brilliant plan. Left my computer to upload the pictures on Picnik (whilst watching Sherlock - such a good episode yesterday!). And this morning I should have been able to edit the pics a bit. But this morning, surprise, none of the pictures of the sleeve were uploaded except one. Thanks to my trusted Blackberry, I can at least show you pictures of my new toy that needed a sleeve for the cold nights.

Isn't it beautiful? This is my Christmas or birthday present, as all of these things happen at the same time for me, from M - which I thought was amazing. I did mention I wanted a yarn winder, I showed him a couple on internet, explained the difference this would make to my life - yes, I laid it on thick. He clearly took all of these things on board and I got my very own this Christmas. Finished the hours spent in front of the TV making yarn balls.

Since receiving my present, I had had a chat with one of my colleagues at work about men and how they (supposedly according to her) buy you things they want for Christmas or birthdays. Let me reassure you, M has NO intention to knit, he looks at me weird when I knit. Not in a bad way, just more in a 'how does that work' way.

So for the sleeve... well this is the only picture rescued from last night upload. Quite a lot of details, right?! However I can tell you it is based on the same patchwork made for the cushion in the hobby room (as shown in Friday's post).. So I guess more to post tomorrow!

Happy Monday guys!


  1. As long as you're happy with this!! Have fun with your new toy :)

    Emma xx

  2. Ha, I should show my husband, he would be glad not to have to sit with the yarn strung between his hands :)

  3. I had NO idea what that was so glad you explained!! Look forward to seeing your pics :)
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday! x

  4. So jealous! I currently use a chairback for that and it's not so great... What a lovely gift! And I agree with you, not all men are sneaky/selfish in their gifting ;) Yay!


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