Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Finishing and Announcing

I have been analysing my granny square blanket A LOT (you know the one I made for the Janaury Defi'13). And there was something wrong with it. Not an obvious 'wrong' (ie the colours were not wrong), but it did not look finished. And I did not like it. After a bit of blog stalking - one of my favourite pastimes - I came across Faustine's own granny square blanket (made for the same Defi'13) and I could see that she had a really nice finish. The solution was simple she said, the last row is a single crochet row made of a contrasting yarn - of course!

Once I started, that was it. I knew it was right for the blanket. I had some grey Cocoon left - not a full skein, but just enough for this last row. I really like the effect, it looks like a blanket stitch and really finish off the granny square (so no temptation for me making it even bigger!).

So guys, what do you do when you know there is something wrong? Do you have a standard solution or do you try to find similar projects on blogs? or do you just give up...

Anyway, did I mention an announcement in my title? I sure did... I am SO exciting about this. To thank you all for coming to my blog, I will have host my very first GIVEAWAY whilst we are on holiday. I set myself a threshold of people visiting my blog and I passed it - and that is really rewarding!

So Friday this week, all will be unveiled. I think you will like it - it is not just for knitters, or for patchwork... more a home thank you giveaway... It will be open for a bit more than a week - so plenty of time if people missed out. All you need to do is follow me!

Put your hands up those of you who thought I was pregnant?


  1. (...Tentatively puts her hand up...)

    When something doesn't look quite right I sometimes try to find a solution online, and if I don't find it quickly I just give up. If I like it I'll wear it anyway, if I don't then it's going on my to-look-at-later pile of fabric!!!

    Have a great holiday! xx

  2. Sadly I think I tend to give up!!
    I wasn't sure what your announcement was but a giveaway sounds fun :)

  3. What?! Are you pregnant or was that a joke? Congratulations and no, I did not see that coming.

  4. The internet is definitely where I turn when things go wrong! You can find the answer to practically anything there - fab!

    Emma xx

  5. Amazing post and great blog! Congratulations on your work!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  6. I like the blanket! I'm looking forward to the giveaway too. Whenever I have a feeling there's something wrong I usually go and look at other pictures or other people's examples and compare mine to theirs! xo


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