Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Awkward and Awesome of my Happiness Project

it is the time of the month to review my Happiness Project. Let me remind ourselves of what I signed up for at the beginning of January.

Sidney at the Daybook has a weekly post on her Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. I thought that this would be a very good way to review January.

So let's start by some Awkward moments in January:

- Going to bed early (earlier than M) and not being able to fall asleep because I am thinking too much of how I should be asleep - like right now (M coming 2 hours later in bed, with me still very much awake).
- Having a HUGE row (slamming of doors and tears - French style row) about a coffee machine (yes a coffee machine) in our kitchen because it creates clutter (my argument being that we don't use it, M that we could one day).
- Organise the house for M not to notice
- Not being able to prioritise nagging tasks and get overwhelmed by it (same day as coffee machine disaster)
- Tackling my washing basket, only for tea towels to become blue from the jeans I washed with them - brilliant. Where is my Mum when I need her?

Awesome moments

- My bank statements are finally filed! and the house looks definitely less cluttered (except for the coffee machine). Has a very big impact on my mood.
- I started Pilates to help with my knee (minor injury due to running) and really enjoyed it!
- Going on long walks with M - exercise and quality time, total win win.
- Finally send documents claiming back some money - shopping here I come
- Worked out, at grand age of 33 that yes slicing a task into mini-tasks really helps.
- M saying that I have more energy - yeah!!

February is the month of LOVE!! And there may be an extreme nice week ... More to come at the end of the month! All I can tell you Valentine's Day will be OTT this year! There will be balloons, a themed menu, etc...

Apart from that, all is set for Friday's GIVEWAY - I actually know what it will be, and I am SO excited about it!! I hope you will be too!!


  1. Well done you! You've done really well! Wouldn't it be awful if the coffee machine somehow fell off the side and broke in to a million pieces?! Here's to peace and love in February!

    Emma xx

  2. I think i need a list just like yours!! Dont forget to check out my latest post today and tell me what you thinkg! Thanks, love!


  3. Looks like you achieved a lot on January! Well done! xx

  4. Looks like the awesome parts outweighed the awkward ones! I definitely should try to sleep earlier too. ;)

  5. Your awesome moments are definitely awesome!! I hope you have many more and loving ones in February :)

  6. I love your post! Thanks for linking up! I have a soft spot for things/people french, so I am already enamored with your blog! haha!
    I'll be back!!!


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