Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My thoughts on blogging (Popbabe7)

Hi everyone I'm hijacking Noa's Libellule blog for today! For those of you who don't know me, my blogging ID is Popbabe7 and you can find me here. We've been old blogging buddies now, and when she requested me to guest post I felt very privileged as she is just so fabulous!

I have been known to start a blog, write a couple of posts, cringe when re-reading them and then deleting the whole thing altogether, hoping that nobody other than me read it!!! I bet most of us did that didn't we? It is very hard to start a blog, and unless you have a clear idea of what you want to write about this is just going to be a collection of random posts (some people are great at it- I am not!). I felt more at ease when my blog got a "direction" and I started writing about learning to sew and knit. It even got easier when I started my "A Project A Week" in 2011. Overall I did a good job at updating regularly my blog, and blogging has become a bit of a second nature to me now. Even when I haven't been busy myself I try to share my thoughts, and will include pictures that inspire me.

Some of my projects from"A Project A Week"

The best bit about blogging for me is meeting new people. I always get very excited when someone takes the time to leave a comment about one of my posts, and I also love to discover new blogs who will inspire me. Back in December I had my first blogger meet-up and had a fantastic day- highly recommended!! Because sewing and knitting tend to be "solitary" hobbies (unless you join a knitting group) it is lovely to know that there are some people out there sharing the same passion, and willing to pass on some of their wisdom should you get stuck on a project! Did I also mention that the people in the craft community are the nicest people ever?? I have blogged about things that have gone terribly wrong, because I'm quite honest and hoped that maybe I would get some help from crafters more experienced and more talented than me. All I got was kind words of encouragement- which is really good when you are not so confident!!

You also know that people who blog about something are truly interested in it. Is it just me who found myself getting all excited about a knitting pattern/ sewing project only to be met with a blank/ amused stare from my partner/ colleagues? At least on blogs you can oooohh and ahhhh over a finished project without other people being worried for your sanity!

Finally I was asked to provide a picture which will sum up my idea of blogging. I am a notoriously bad photographer- most some of the pics on my blog are atrocious, so I pinched a picture from Shakespeare and Company, a library in France. I often see the internet as a giant town with all its good and bad things, big shops, small shops, dark areas, luxury quarters and so on. In this town, blogs are little clusters of knowledge and passion, scattered on virtual library shelves.I thought this was the perfect picture to represent my idea of the blogging community.



That's it from me! Before you go, don't forget to enter Noas' Libellule fantastic giveaway- you still have time to enter and share your thoughts about what blogging means to you. Thanks for reading my ramblings!!



  1. I am fond of blogging. Through it, we can get interacted to many people & can share our knowledge with others & know about what others are saying.

  2. oohh that picture is awesome, love the concept applied to the blogging community! Also that is such a cute kermit :)

    1. Thank you! Kermit was a big hit, had to make 4 in the end!

  3. I absolutely adore the photo you have chosen and I really like that we all seem to think the best thing about blogging is all the new friendships we create!

    I'm a bit of a rambler myself so know where you're coming from ;)

    Emma xx


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