Thursday, 2 February 2012

{Pay and Display} Our House

All I can say is that the Boy has done well. He takes his time, but then it all comes out beautifully - even with the wackiest of my ideas! So here are some of the things you will now find on our walls.

This map is the vintage map I believed I talked about in September - we bought in a flea market in France, so beautiful with striking colours. Yes that big yellow blob is Paris. No I could not bear cutting into it, but I think it is beautiful in new frame (all painted by M - in the freezing garage, bless). We negotiated a bit on what should be included, I am a south bank girl, M wanted to see Montreuil (where his Grandparents lived at some point), I wanted to see St-Germain-des-Pres because we went to a wedding there. However we agreed we wanted the legende on the side, which is the most vintage part. Voila, a much less bland guest room!

This is a controversial one to include. I added this Ferm Living wall sticker whilst M was away, and he took an instant dislike to it. Except that everyone who came to visit likes it. It remained.. I think it has grown on him. Isn't it beautiful?

Finally the racket has been bought at a bargain price on Ebay and has made its way to our house, and soon on the wall with all my dangling earrings. I may need another one, this was a bit of a squeeze. From inspiration to implementation...

What do you think?

Are you excited about tomorrow, yes the giveaway is still happening tomorrow. Not sure today's post gives you any clues about what it will be but it does, to a certain reflect my style, it is for your house, but you don't need your partner's help to make it happen... All to be revealed tomorrow!!


  1. I have to say they all look amazing, but the bird sticker is my favourite!!!

  2. Looks GREAT! I love the colours in the map, they work really great with the wall colour. Love the racket/jewellery holder. Brilliant!

  3. I love these items! The map is just gorgeous and love that it has so much meaning behind it, I adore the birds (sorry, M!)and the tennis racket is such a cool idea!

    Emma xx

  4. Oh I love your vintage tennis racket! Such a fun way to display your earrings ;)

  5. Love each single one. I'm thinking of adding an earing display as well and will surely share it once done.

  6. I love the racket! It's sooo cool :) x

  7. All beautiful and that tennis racket is pure brilliance :)

  8. Love the birds decal! Love the tennis racket idea too!


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