Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Britain in our Kitchen Unplugged {Pancake Day Special}

Project_Goddess mentioned on her blog of a food bloggers challenge which is going on at the moment, called Food Bloggers Unplugged. The aim is to learn a little more about the foodies we follow on Twitter or read about on their blogs. My blog, and especially this blog, is not a 'food blog', but this is such a big part of my life now because of our Britain in our Kitchen challenge that I thought it would be good to enter - on pancake day . As I am finding it increasingly hard to cope with two blogs this is where my entry is!

Picture from the Good Housewife's Encyclopedia, 1963 
What, or who inspired you to start a blog?

It is actually a film - but I suppose blogging related - Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Thinking about it now, it is quite funny that it is a food related film. 

Who is your foodie inspiration?

Mamy (yes the one and only, my Grandma for those who missed the Christmas knitting adventure) - for the full fat contents, the fact that the concept of being vegetarian escaped her totally ('but surely rabbit is OK') and the fact that she would wake up at 5am just to to cook, I mean hello that is serious commitment to cooking. I find it hard to relate to chefs if I am honest, I love eating their food but for the home... not really. My other Grandma made some amazing cakes, pancakes and the best ever ever macaroni cheese. She was a good cook, but less interested in the enjoyment of food I suppose. 

Your greasiest, batter-splattered food/drink book is?

Marmiton for the French recipe and BBC Good Food for the British ones. I am also starting to have some vintage cooking books (I really want the Julia Childs one of course)... And I think the one I bought over the weekend, the Good HouseKeeping's Cookery Compedium first published 1952. For the Britain in our Kitchen challenge it is brilliant because it does everything from scratch with mostly British ingredients - nothing fancy, just very good basics. 

The latest book on my selves
Also our friends prepared as a surprise wedding present a cooking book with their favourite recipes. The first one being secret pancake recipe. 

Tell us all about the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?

I think it would have to be either in Thailand during our honeymoon - grilled squid or a Green curry from a small bar/restaurant on the beach - or in Morocco - we were invited (not sure how we manage to gate crash that event) to an event in a riad and they had some wonderful canapes influenced by French and Morrocan cuisine. Oh, also when I worked in Vietman, I was invited to one of my colleagues' home - delicious Vietnamese food.

Another food blogger’s table you’d like to eat at is?

would love to eat with someone at the smitten kitchen. 

What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?

I am not sure that the problem is really money - but space, I would love a combi oven. Oh and I need a pressure cooker as well. 

Who taught you how to cook?

Surprise, surprise my Grandma. She brought me up so that was bound to happen really. I suppose Mum also helped me with the basics - then you sort of learn along the way. 

I’m coming to you for dinner. What’s your signature dish?

I do a mean fish pie, but at the moment it is probably the pearl barley leek and bacon risotto - because it is usually unexpected. I suppose if it was tonight, it would be pancakes though (Grandma no2 secret pancake recipe). 

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Cheese - all of them. I am terrible. I am sure I could live on cheese, actually I should have done that challenge - one year eating cheese.

Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?

That is quite tough... ok here it is. I have no Jamie Oliver book, not one. I really liked him, but there is so much Jamie Oliver a girl can take. 

If you fancy having a go at answering the questions, do so on your blog and link in the comments below. I'd love to see your answers.


  1. Ah such an interesting post, I love reading how people get their food inspiration. Your grandma sounds amazing, I love family that cook lots, my grandma used to make the most amazing bacon sandwiches. I agree with your answer on whos kitchen you'd like to eat in, smitten kitchen seems to post the most amazing food and recipes :) xx

  2. I love the pictures in this post!
    I'm with you on the cheese and I'm making a risotto tonight but I bet yours is better!

  3. I love the 1960's line drawings- they would make great embroidery patterns. Hope you enjoyed pancake day- I'll be eating crepes soon :o)

  4. I love cheese, too! Call me a kid but my favourite is still mozzarella. :P Interesting entry - I really enjoyed reading this.


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