Friday, 17 February 2012

Latest Pins to Inspire

I thought it would be fun to share some of my latest pins - pinterest is really so full of inspiration. This is a bit of a mix, I hope you will enjoy it

1. This cute DIY for putting away my current crochet projects - what do we reckon, 20 minutes max? 

2. I love that outfit. I really need a red polka dot top and green trousers - I should not work, but totally does. And that bag..  This is definitely on my sewing project for March (I am finally taking a course!!)

3. Thinking Easter Eggs au naturel...I think that would be a hit for Britain in our Kitchen

4. I am officially in love with Anthology27 on Etsy and any of the earrings. 
Interesting colour coordination - not one of my obsessions? 

 5. And finally I want the squirrels in my garden to be this funny! 

So, what has inspired you this week? 


  1. LOVE that outfit and those earrings!
    I would **** myself if I saw a squirrel like that!!
    Sweetie can you turn off your word verification please?? You have to enter 2 words now and it's driving me bonkers!!

  2. Wow I love that earring shop, thanks for sharing it! Now to go drool...

  3. My favorite is that little basket, and I am also addicted to Pinterest...

  4. Ha, ha! The squirrel is too cool! Pinterest is just the best thing ever :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    Emma xx

  5. That outfit with the red polka dot tee and green trousers is so pretty! Unfortunately last week I didn't have much time for (arty/fashion-related) inspirations but looking at the newly released Marni for H&M made me feel very inspired for some shopping!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment..!

  6. I love the picture of the squirrel, it looks like it's going 'wassup, let's get this party started!' Hehe I love the red and green combo too, it shouldn't work but it looks so good!

    Ps - thank you for the print, it came on friday. I've not hung it up though as I'm still deciding where to put it, but my boyfriend and I are going to buy a frame for it first :) xx

  7. I love that outfit too! It's so cute. It reminds me of a strawberry.


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