Wednesday, 15 February 2012

In progress and a real IT achievement (for me)! (Updated!)

It is Wednesday, and therefore it is W.I.P. Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. 

What to report ... I made some progress with my two placemats for Valentine's Day (yes that would be for yesterday... or 14th Feb 2013 as the case may be now). Actually I saw it coming and I did not over do it on the hearts, so we may be able to use them before next year. 

The left hand side fabric is from Summersville on Etsy,
and right hand side one some linen fabric bought on Amazon

A tutorial to come on how I printed the quote on the linen fabric. Who can guess what it says? 

I can report NO progress on the shirt patchwork ... so there is no point to talk about it. 

I also need to make something out of these fabulous scraps I received from Indianna Dreams. As none of us really had some scraps, we decided to swap some fabric pieces. I was SO excited about it. She chose so well for me - look at all the grey and yellow. Need to put on my thinking cap now... 

Winnowing is on its way, I am at that stage when I misjudged how much yarn I needed, and I am waiting, anxiously I may add, for that package. 

Winnowing waiting to be finished

FINALLY! I do have a button you can grab on the right-hand side bar... It took me AGES to get there... for something that is quite easy in the end... But everyone seems to have a different way to do it. (Sorry for those who came on this post before the updated version, it did not work, it should be fixed now and you can actually have your button...)

Anyway here are the steps I followed (a mix of different helpful blogger suggestions):

1. Choose your picture (I used my banner one... made sense right). I edited the picture with Picnik. 

2. I resized it to 125x 150 (should not be bigger than 150 to make sure it fits on other bloggers side bars)

3. Upload the picture to an online photo gallery service. I tried through Picasa, but my picture never appeared in the end (if someone managed to resolve that problem, please let me know). So I used Photobucket in the end - it is free and very fast. You get the HTML of your picture on the right hand-side.

4.Got to layout in blogger, to the design bar, and add an HTML gadget to the place you want your button to show. 

5. You can add a title ('Grab my button')

6. Copy the HTML Code you can find here

7. Paste the above HTML Code into the HTML gadget

8. Replace YOUR WEB ADDRESS by your blog address

9. Replace BLOG TITLE by a blog title of your choice (mine says Inspirations for Handmade)

10. Replace the IMAGE HTML ADDRESS by the HTML Code you found on Photobucket

11. Save it, test it and let me know how you got on! 


  1. Thanks for welcoming my new friend! My husband's camera is a Nikon and I've gotten pretty used to the controls over the past year, so I'm nervous about making the switch, but I'm sure in a week it'll be second nature. And those place mats look super cute!

  2. Thank you so much for explaining how to do a me it is a great DIY advice!

  3. You have been busy! Love the fabric scraps and your button is really cute! May have to try and do one of these myself ;)
    Emma xx

  4. Wow that's really helpful. I have always wondered how they were made =D

  5. Oh I look forward to the tutorial!
    Yeah for the button, very cute!
    I have no idea what that says though?!

  6. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach! Very clever- I'm going to but the Summersville when moda bring it out. Pleased you like the fabric - can't wait to see what you make with it.

  7. Yes, what ^^^she said! Nice verbage for a placemat!
    Thanks for the button tutorial, now to figure out why I need one!

  8. Wow what a helpful guide to making a button! I've wondered about it, so now I've saved your tutorial to use for making one for myself in the future. THANKS! ...also looking forward to the printed fabric tute too!

  9. Good post!

    xoxo from


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