Monday, 27 February 2012

Last week was quite surreal. All good, just a lot to take in. So when it comes to reviewing what has been done, well not a lot. I am still DESPERATELY trying to finish Winnowing - well actually the border, which is so clever. It is taking me forever, and it is literally eating yarn. I am now rewarding myself if I do one repeat of charts B & C every night. Yes, it has come to this - does nayone do it like this for project they are struggling with?  I am thinking that I need to re-order some Rowan Kidsilk Aura, nooooo. Everyone who has seen the project in real is impressed, I am on the other hand fed up. 

Winnowing in progress on Saturday night

So I was glad to receive I receive this picture in my inbox today... 

Note, it is a German friend who sent it... 

Hope you all had a good Monday! 


  1. If people who saw it have been impressed, you should definitively continue it! We look forward to the finished Winnowing!

  2. The knitting looks impressive. And that picture had me in stitches! :D

  3. Love the knitting: I adore that!
    I also love that T-shirt.
    I have a son who would wear that instantly!

  4. Ha, ha! That's great. Your winnowing looks like it's coming along really well. Can't wait to see the finished project!
    Emma xxx

  5. Hey!! Stick with it lady!! It screams quality!! My Dutch fiancée is laughing his head off at that Tshirt!!

    Great blog :-)


  6. I totally employ the reward system! It's looking so lovely already ...

  7. Your handiwork certainly looks impressive! However, since I have the attention span of a fruit fly, I can completely understand why you'd be fed up with it ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, have a good evening and a great week ahead. xo


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