Friday, 3 February 2012

It is GIWEAWAY time

It is Fridaaayyyyy!! And it is GIVEAWAY time! I am so excited guys, I cannot tell you ... It took me a bit of time to figure out what I wanted to be giving away. I thought yarn or fabric (obvious), and then thought that it might be restricting, not everyone reading my blog is into this... back to the drawing board. I also post a lot on what I want to display in my house.. and I thought a print from an Etsy artist would be brilliant, and really in keeping with the blog.

I wanted a print that represented my vision of blogging - a way to reach out and be connected to a community I would not necessarily be in touch with otherwise. I work in a totally different field, and this is a way to express my own creativity in the evening and share it with like-minded people. I thought Ollie's print encapsulated how I feel about this blog.

Out on the Lark by IOTA Illustration

So as you may have gathered this is not a sponsored giveaway as I wanted to choose freely what the prize was going to be. The winner will have a limited edition illustration titled - 'Out on a Lark' printed on the finest archival matte canvas paper. The print is part of a limited edition of 50 and comes numbered, signed and titled by hand by the artist! it is a very me print to be honest. I hope you like it too!

What do you need to do to enter:

1. You need to be a follower (through Twitter, BlogLovin', Google friends)
2. Leave me a comment letting me know how you follow the blog
3. In your comment let me know what blogging means to you
4. If you tweet about it (and copy me @NoasLibellule) you can enter a second time by commenting about your tweet.

The GIVEAWAY finishes on Sunday 12th at 12 when I am back from holiday - leaves people more than a week to come and comment. M, the ever innocent hand, will pick a winner.

Good luck guys!

 - This Giveaway is now finished, and Sarah at Almost Delightful won it, follow me there may be a next giveaway - 


  1. That is a beautiful print. If I won it I'd want to put it on my office wall to remind me of all the crafty bloggers and tweeters.

    I follow you in my Google Reader.

    As I recently stopped posting to my blog I'm still working out what blogging means for me. It's definitely a way to reach out and find similar people with similar interests.

  2. totally lovely! this would look awesome in my studio..following through gfc ..blogging to me is a way to connect with other like minded people ,learn some new things. and get inspired :)

  3. I'd love to enter the giveaway for this pretty print please!
    I love blogging as a way to get inspiration, record my projects and of course, virtually meet people with the same interests.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful print and a very generous giveaway! As you know, I stalk you any which way I can :) Can I tell you what blogging means to me on say Friday?!

    Emma xx

  5. I am following via GFC :) name - Sarah.

    Blogging to me means sharing my thoughts and creativity with others, having a chat and generally communicating with others. It's so cool that I can share pictures and connect with others from halfway across the world :)!

    Have a lovely weekend :) xx

  6. I do not use google friends, bloglovin' or twitter... But I follow from Ravelry. Does that count? :P Blogging means the same thing for me as what you have mentioned - sharing my expression of creativity and connecting to like-minded people over the world. It is also an outlet where I can share nice and pretty things that makes me happy. Where bad things have no place. :)

  7. Hi! I follow through Blogger! What a beautiful print. Blogging to me means exchanging inspiration and ideas with people far and near.

  8. I follow you on google reader, so via Blogger. I love the print and you sparkled a new obsession in me - Fern Living. ;-)
    Blogging is a way for me to share my creations (mainly knits) and stay in touch with a knitter community.

  9. I am a follower and I do just that by having you on my list in Google reader. I only have to click on the title of the post and I get to see your blog in full.
    Blogging means to me making friends in a new way: it's relatively new to me and some really do feel as FRIENDS. You can share anything with your readers and I love it when they comment: sometimes putting you back on the right track. Who doesn't need that sometimes. And when you're writing you can feel so much more free than when you're talking. No face to face contact can be an advantage. And you can think longer about what you want to say, not that I ever do that! LOL
    Have a great holiday.
    And I love the tree! and the birds! and the croockedness of the trunk!

  10. I'm a follower! This print is GORGEOUS! I love it and what it represents. Great giveaway :)
    There's not enough room in this little box to write what blogging means to me but the sense of community and the friendships I've formed add great joy to each day!

  11. I don't understand Twitter or how to copy you but I did tweet it!!

  12. I blogged about it here

  13. I am now "officially" a Google friend ;-) This is really a wonderful print, I especially like its meaning as explained by you.
    Hmmm, what does blogging mean to me? It's a tough question. At first I was afraid of writing, of being myself, it felt so revealing, but in the meantime, I have made friends and felt the appreciation and sense of community out there, so it really makes me happy. I can not imagine no longer blogging (never mind that I have not posted in 3 weeks). It's an adventure in self-discovery for me!

  14. The print is beautiful!! I follow you on Twitter, and to me, blogging is about building relationships with other fellow knitters/crafters, and getting inspired!

  15. I follow you via GFC. I love the print you have chosen.
    Although I don't have a blog myself I follow several which I enjoy immensely - some fabulous inspiration!!

  16. This is such a nice giveaway and I like the fact that you are giving something that it is so close to your style!

    OK, where do I start...I follow you via Bloglovin (and actually I tried several times with Google Friends but it doesn't see yo work...)

    Regarding blogging, as I wrote in my first post, I wanted to have an outlet that gives me the chance to do one of the things I enjoy the most: find and talk about beautiful things, mostly fashion-related. And after a couple of months since I started, I also realised that blogging gives me the chance to 'virtually' meet so many interesting people and find great inspirations. Voila!

  17. Hi I follow this blog through blogger and facebook connect.

    Blogging to me is a way to speak my mind through words. I like adding new posts updating different things i'm doing, random projects I've accomplished. I love writing it's something I do an awful lot, so blogging was the perfect solution. I find new blogs everyday that I follow, as they always have an inspirational tutorial posted and I think oooo I could make that.

  18. I'm a follower via GFC. I meet a lot of blogging friends from around the world and I get lots of Inspirations from their blog.

  19. Tweeted -

  20. Hi! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I'm a new followers, via Blogger (and the lovely Lucy). For me, blogging, in one word = sanity. :)

  21. Thats a beautiful, and generous giveaway prize! You are so kind! Blogging for me is about keeping in touch with new friends and having a good laugh. Keeps me sane!
    I came via lovely Lucy and I'll "follow" right after posting this :-)

  22. Well you know by now that I am a devoted follower of yours!!! Blogger, Twitter, Bloglovin, you name it and I'm following you!!!

    Blogging is my little me time, and prevents me to bore my boyfriend to death talking about fabric and yarn ^_^

  23. im a follower with GFC, blogging is a way to keep in touch with quilting friends and also I'm hoping a way my children will be able to see what mum was upto while they were at school :)

  24. I've tweeted about your giveaway and copies you in :)

  25. I'm a brand new follower, over from Charm About You's link to you. :) I followed via Google Friend Connect.

    For me, blogging is a place to add a story to the photos I'd just otherwise share on Facebook. It gives me a chance to connect with other folks who quilt or sew, which I don't really get to do in "real" life. I also get to share my adorable cats, which is fun, too! ;)

  26. Love that print! Blogging is a great outlet for me to interact with lovely people (like you!) whom I have never met but share similar interests with. There is such warmth, inspiration, and genuine-ness in the blogging community!

  27. I follow you - for me there are 2 sides to blogging, reading and writing.
    Reading blogs is very informative and inspiring. With free tutorials, crafty ideas and a window into homes around the world to see what is being created.
    Writing - includes both on my blog to share my creations and also I think it is important to also leave comments if you have enjoyed reading someone's blog. After all they made the effort to share and the feedback can provide advice or encouragement.
    I also have found friends who don't think I am crazy for cutting up bits of fabric, or dragging around charity shops for old shirts to make bags from!

  28. I tweeted about this very thoughtful and generous giveaway @IndiannaDreams


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