Monday, 6 February 2012

What the blog?

Hello Noas' Libellule readers and visitors! I'm Lucy and I blog at Charm About You.

Charm About You

I'll be taking over this space today so I hope you don't mind!

I've been asked to share a little about what blogging means to me. I've been thinking about it a lot and it's really hard not to come off cheesy or just end up repeating what countless others say. Nathalie said I could include a picture, which helps because that's sometimes the best way to explain something.

My husband took this picture of my son some time ago,
he's looking through a cardboard box!
I blog about my quilting, this is not a sewing related picture and yet I immediately knew that this picture best represents how I feel about blogging.

There's a sense of exploration; of myself, my creativity, growth, skills and possibilities.

I feel like blogging is a way of looking out into the world, framing myself in the process. Connecting with others, telling my story, sharing my sewing journey.

The light is so crucial to this picture and blogging for me has created so much light. I don't have to hark on to people who aren't interested in my sewing, I have a place to share with like minded people, I have encouragement, support and friends. I follow and read so many interesting blogs, I feel inspired every day seeing people's creations, discovering techniques and learning so much from everyone. It's led me to challenge myself, to do things I wouldn't have even considered on my own and to begin to develop my own sewing and writing style.

There's a dreamy, pensive quality to this picture too. I'm a full time mum and despite the fact I adore what I do there's a longing to fulfill another part of myself - for me quilting and blogging are something I do that's mine. I ponder, I prepare, I sew, I make, I write, I share. Those rays of light are those wonderful cables that link me to all of you!
(I knew this would end up being cheesy)

I've been very lucky since I started blogging last year and wanted to help spread some joy (or not!!). I'm having a Fugly Fabric Party over on my blog starting tomorrow, I'd love for you to come and check it out!

Charm About You

Also if you haven't already seen it you must immediately go and enter Nathalie's giveaway - the girl has seriously good taste! Must be why we're friends ;)


  1. oh Lucy such a lovely post and photo! My husband gets sick of hearing about the process of patchwork and quilting, he just enjoys the end result! It is great to have a community to discuss this obsession with! x

  2. What a lovely photo and a great post.

  3. This is such a good shot to represent how you feel about blogging - and of your gorgeous son too!

    Emma x

  4. Lovely guest post! I know what you mean, blogging is a way you can share things with like minded people. I love how even though some people I know in person do not share my interests, I can share them on my blog and there will be people who do. xo

  5. Great post. I love how blogging is like a community of people who don't know each other, but all have something in common x

  6. Lovely post Lucy, as fine as an aged ripe stilton with Port :-) And wonderful picture too!

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  8. That's a fantastic photo - totally fits what you said about Blogs.


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