Friday, 24 February 2012

How much verification do we need?

Did you notice that blogger now asks you to prove you are not a robot by typing two 'words' (they are not actual word, are they?). I had the same problem, until Lucy 'kindly' told me to turn it off. As it annoys me as well when I want to comment, I did a bit of research and turned it off. I have the embedded comment setting for my comments. 

yes the fuzzy font and its size do not help either 

So please, if you are also annoyed to have to give two words to justify you are not a robot - stop your own verification system... It is simple, and here is how you do it.. 

If you are still on the old Dashboard Interface, just skip to Step 2.  Otherwise, start below at Step 1.

1.  Go to your OVERVIEW page, click on the ‘wrench’ icon (far top right corner of your overview page) and select Old Blogger Interface

2. You are back to your old Dashboard, select SETTINGS

3. In the SETTINGS tab you have a few sub-tabs, select COMMENTS

4. Scroll down, you will find word verification yes or no >>>>>> NO


6. Go back to your DASHBOARD, just above the dashboard box, above the language box, you have 'try the updated Blogger interface'. You are back!! 

7. Lucy as prepared a little widget for your blog to show that you turned off your word verification.. Add it to your blog!  


I turned it off last weekend, and I have not had any spam (and you may say it is because I don't have as many visitors as other blogs) but I'd rather have to deal with spams and comments, rather than no comment because people are annoyed with my blog.. 


  1. Oh yes!! I've had that turned off on my blog for a while - and have not had a single bit of spam. I often find it takes me a fair few turns to prove that I am not a robot - I find them really really difficult to read (help! maybe I'm part robot!!).

  2. yippee!! Thanks for spreading the word, it is so annoying!! And I hope I asked you politely to turn it off, I'm afraid I was getting a bit cross!

  3. Lucy clued me in about this. The word needs to get out! I found you through Lucy's post this morning and your blog is great! So is your crochet......which I am slowly learning! Count me in as a follower!

  4. Just been to a few blogs that still have it on. Don't know if anyone's noticed but the two 'words' together make a longer funny word or comment

  5. Wow, how industrious of you! That is so cool, I really appreciate that. that word verification is so annoying and sometimes impossible to decipher...

  6. I totally agree, the new word verification is beyond annoying! I've turned mine off too xo

  7. The verification drives me bananas! I've had mine turned off for ages now and whilst I do get Spam the comments go in to my Spam box so still don't get published. I think anyone that is that concerned about it just needs to approve the comments before allowing them to display!
    Emma x

  8. Thank you so much for this! You're a diamond, it's such a pain in the ass and it's getting worse!


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