Monday, 13 February 2012

Giveaway Winner and some crafty randomness

I am back! I hope you enjoyed having the guest posts from Lucy at Charm about You, Popbabe7 and Emma. Thank you so much girls for keeping things running in my absence! 

Now what is it all about this randomness (I was not going to start by the winner, right!)? I finally had a chance to see the patchwork/cross-stitch plaid I made my parents two years ago. It is sitting on their couch in the Alps - totally in context obviously. 

So the cross-stitched cow trail (that you can sort of make out at the top left of the plaid) was the original purchase. I bought it with my Mum, oohhh 7 years ago (at least - the shop does not exist anymore), I finished it 2 years and a half ago.. and could have just framed it (It was hard enough to do to deserve it!). But no! Why do simple when you can over-complicate things? I decided that it would look very good on a plaid. It is OK, but the best piece is really that cross-stitch, let's face it... I may have over-complicated things.   

Apart from that I also found a picture of me - for those who want to know what I look like. This is totally representative of course.. as I was probably 2 in that picture (a family favourite, everyone has at least 2 in their houses). All I can say is thank you L'Oreal for bringing some natural blond highlights in my life, and thank you straighteners for getting rid of this locks I struggle with every morning. 

That dress my Mum and Mamy's favourite,
and they like it SO MUCH they keep buying more for
my non-existent children (yes they do and are open about it!)

Finally, the giveaway winner. You remember there was a lovely print from IOTA Illustration to win ... I decided not to go for as I was concerned that the first or last entries would not get picked. M was slightly worried that the participants who did not win would track him down (I can give you his work address if you want...). Here is the innocent hand... 

M is getting in the spirit of Valentine's Day (balloons from Paperchase)

Anyway, unfortunately there could be only one winner, and that is

So Sarah at Almost Delightful, I will be in touch with you and this is all going to get to you very soon. 

I am hoping to run more giveaways as I loved running. I have a new target in mind.. So stay tune and follow me! 


  1. Welcome back!
    What a cute quilt and an adorable baby picture!!
    Congrats to Sarah, although I'm green with envy! :)

  2. Congrats to the winner! and what an adorable baby pic!!! I too am very thankful for hair-straighteners too (esp while I was living in hot, humid Florida with constant frizz in my hair).

  3. Yay! Welcome back hun :) Congrats to Sarah, what a wonderful prize! The plaid is absolutely stunning - I love the intertwined hearts! How very clever you are Mlle! Hope you had a wonderful time skiing :)

    Emma xx

  4. aww, what a cutie!! that's hilarious they are stockpiling the little dresses. Congrats to Sarah!!

  5. Enjoy the picture Sarah. Nice to see what you look like Nat!

  6. Congratulations to the winner! And I loved the pics that you shared with us in this post...


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