Friday, 10 February 2012

What does blogging means to me - by Emma

The blogging web

Hey everyone! So we’ve made it to Friday – yay!

Emma here from Gawgus Things having the honour of Guest Posting whilst Nat is off having fun!

It’s been fun reading all the other posts that have been popping up in Nat’s absence and today it’s my turn to tell you what blogging means to me!

I started regularly blogging in October 2010. I’d started reading other blogs a few months before and loved them so much that I really wanted to be part of the blogging scene.

I’ve been extremely lucky since I’ve started blogging in that I’ve only ever had positive experiences with my fellow bloggers. I know, I know, you haven’t succeeded unless you’ve received at least one negative comment so I’ve still got a way to go ;)

Since I’ve started blogging I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of talent that is out there. Whether it’s how someone has styled an outfit, a DIY that they’ve done, a skill that they’ve shared or a place that they’ve visited; I’m still amazed every day by what I come across.

I feel like I’m learning every day from people I’ve unfortunately never met, or likely to either, but I love it when you get a connection with someone (hey, Nat!) and feel that a genuine friendship is building.

I love the support you get if you’re feeling a bit down or want advice on something or help on how to do something. Everyone is so open and eager to help you either feel better or get a task done.

The blogging world has made me push boundaries, open my eyes and given me the courage to just go for it! Thank you all for this, I give you a big cheer and hugs all round J

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  1. Emma is one of my all time favourite bloggers! I love Gawgus things and hearing about what's influenced your journey is amazing! You definitely dont need a negative comment to succeed lady you already have! You keep me and many others coming back for more day after day (though we might curse you for looking great all the time sometimes!)


  2. Great insight into why you started blogging and I agree about the friendships that are built up with people you will probably never meet. You rock hun xoxo

  3. Great post Gawgus! So glad you decided to blog!!

  4. I'm off to find your blog now - thanks for the post.

  5. great blog (:

  6. I like this post!!! cam to visit my blog and if you like we can follow each other? Keep in touch with fashion (also on facebook !) my Facebook page have a wonderful day… keep in touch…

  7. Love this! I feel exactly the same about the blogging community... I've met such lovely people even though we've never met face to face! Maybe one day :) And I know what you mean about the sheer amount of talent, it's what keeps me going and pushing me to do better x


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