Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Basically not a lot ...

It is W.I.P. Wednesday, and what do I have to report - basically not a lot... On the positive side, I am making progress with the Happiness project - started running again, my house is getting more organised, I am sort of keeping to the Weight Watchers plan - and we have started our Britain in our kitchen blog (our 2012 challenge of eating only British food at home). I have also attempted to do some felting - with a varying degree of success (same wool, same temperature, definitely not the same result).

I was hoping to make a pouch out of those but the texture is so different, I may have to rethink this. I saw a patchwork felted blanket on pinterest... I may get tempted (although this project involves having many more jumpers).

I have also received my new Echo, Lotta Jansdotter, fabric which I love - this is
the colour scheme of my parents' new kitchen, and I am thinking of making some table mats for them (any interesting pattern out there? or inspiration?).

I also really really want to make a sewing machine cover - I do have a pattern in mind, so now it is a case of sitting down and getting on with it. And the small spring buds in grey (the right hand-side fabric) would be perfect!

As far as the knitting is concerned Winnowing is still going - hmmm -, and this weekend I had the joy of having to unstitch 3 entire rows - brilliant. I did make it good
- started the last part of the chart pattern - and then stopped. I will go back to it! I have now seen more Winnowing finished and it is really a beautiful garment, worth the 500+ stitches I am going to end up with at the end of the chart pattern.

Hopefully over at Freshly Pieced people will have more to report and get me inspired!


  1. I've been thinking what I would miss most with "Britain in the Kitchen"......tinned tomatoes is all I could think of...and I guess if I was organised and had a bigger freezer I could use fresh British toms. Good luck as it must be even harder trying to combine it with W.W.

  2. I love the happiness project, I found that book and blog so inspiring! I just recently heard about best in Britain, which I think is utterly brilliant- eating local is definitely the way to go!

  3. Glad the Happiness Project is going well - not long until the end of the month! Interested in hearing about your eating British food at home... :)

    Emma xx

  4. It sounds like you've been really busy! I'm going to check out the 'Britain in our kitchen' blog straight after this comment :). Good luck with making the sewing machine cover :). xo


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