Tuesday, 24 January 2012

{Pay and Display} Vintage Tennis Rackets

In my French life - a long, long time ago (ok, not that long ago, but it sometimes feels that way) - I played tennis a lot. I played for my local team, and I would watch a lot of tennis on TV. I was keen and in love with Andre Agassi and Stefan Edberg. I am now a Roger Federer and Wilfried Tsonga supporter, and play much less tennis and moved on to squash (it is all about being indoors). Since then I always liked things related to vintage tennis. And vintage tennis rackets is what my house needs (no that doesn't mean more clutter!). Here are 5 reasons why!

Vintage Display

I love this display from the Whitcomb company, it takes a bit of space but adds interesting colours and forms to any bland wall.

The Vintage Organiser

You know it guys I am on the look out for something to organise my earrings. This is a quick and querky way to make it happen (found on the SoLovely blog). Not sure about the 'tache on the picture next to it...

The Vintage Valentine

Do you know that Valentine's is coming up? Or have you been on the moon for the last month|? What about making your own decoration to celebrate? This is actually a very clever DIY project from Bloesem Kids.

It looks good and the key is probably in the tension. Would be great for a kid's room (euh, so not for us then).

I reckon this should be coupled with the earrings display - except that it would require a bit more work and thinking, but it totally works.

So no wonder I have 3 vintage rackets currently in my Ebay Watchlist! It is all to finish pretty soon, will let you know how successful I am. We are making progress with decorating the house, properly (the map of Paris is on display now, yeah! - how much nagging did that take!.. will post about it soon).


  1. These are amazing! I love that first display, and the one with the heart on - too cute!

    I've had tennis lessons before but I'm terrible!

    Emma xx

  2. Haha brilliant!! I love the earring display :)

  3. That is just genius.. Love the vintage table one and also the organiser.. great stuff x

  4. Great ideas! I agree that the earring display and mirror will be awesome together.


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